Kelly Science, Engineering, and Technology experienced a profound transformation in the digital landscape, with an astounding 30% increase in organic web traffic within just six months of Ben’s tenure. This surge in online visibility not only attracted a higher volume of qualified leads but also solidified Kelly Services’ position as a go-to resource in the Science, Engineering, and Technology sectors. Ben’s eye for design and user experience further strengthened our web pages, making them more engaging and intuitive for visitors.

By understanding the unique challenges and requirements of clients within these industries, he developed tailored content that effectively showcased Kelly Services’ capabilities and value proposition. This approach resonated deeply with the target audience, resulting in increased engagement, longer page visits, and higher conversion rates.

In the heavily matrixed environment, Ben’s collaborative approach to teamwork was vital. He fostered a cohesive work culture that encouraged cross-functional collaboration, facilitating the exchange of ideas and insights among team members from different departments. This approach not only streamlined processes but also led to the creation of comprehensive and cohesive marketing campaigns that successfully addressed the needs of diverse stakeholders.