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Ben is an excellent marketing strategist. He understands not only how to simply write compelling content (which he's great at as well) but, more importantly, he understands how this content fits into the broader picture, developing positioning, go-to-market strategies, and executing an overarching content & SEO strategy. Additionally, we work in a high-level, technical industry (engineering software), and he was able to get up to speed and understand the jargon and language needed to effectively run production for us. I'd highly recommend Ben for this type of work.

Andrew Martin
President and Founder

Ben is wonderful to work with. As a UI/UX Designer, it is essential to have a great Content Strategist on your side. Ben is knowledgeable, always willing to dive in and help, and great at coming up with changes or content on the fly. I especially enjoyed working with him during wireframing processes when we would collaborate on content/layout recommendations for our clients. He’s always open to suggestions, inclusive, and easygoing.

Leda DeWolf
Senior UI/UX Designer
Kelly Corp

Ben is a multilayered creative individual with extensive experience in strategic communications, SEO, and copy design. In addition to his competencies and dedication, Ben exhibits high ethical standards in his professional and personal life.

Alia Fares
Director of Training
Geneva Centre for Human Rights Advancement & Global Dialogue

I've had the pleasure of working closely with Ben over the last year. Ben is one of the most skilled Digital Content Strategists I have worked with. His understanding of content and its interconnection to Search (SEO) ranking factors is absolutely masterful. The strategies he leverages are essential to driving visibility in the 21st century.

Beyond his skill and understanding of technology and content, he fosters a deep intellectual curiosity. This curiosity contributes to a team culture and leadership style that drives ideation and growth.

At his core, Ben is a leader in the truest sense of the word. I can't recommend Ben enough. His passion, openness, curiosity, and skill make his content strategies comprehensive and invaluable. If you want your organization to rapidly scale in the digital space, you're going to need Ben or a clone of him!

Daniel Olsen
Director of Digital
Springboard Hospitality

Joining a team in the midst of a major digital transformation and being asked to tackle an already overdue content strategy is not an easy first assignment, but that’s exactly what Ben did. He immediately started untangling the complex ‘ball of yard’ that was our legacy content structure and worked closely with stakeholders across our marketing units and North American operations to lay a solid framework and action plan for moving forward (insights-driven, SEO-focused, user-centric)—exactly what we needed him to do!

Andrea Krohnberg, CCXP
Vice President: Head of Lead Generation & Marketing Strategy
BAYADA Health Care

Kelly Science, Engineering, and Technology experienced a profound transformation in the digital landscape, with an astounding 30% increase in organic web traffic within just six months of Ben’s tenure. This surge in online visibility not only attracted a higher volume of qualified leads but also solidified Kelly Services' position as a go-to resource in the Science, Engineering, and Technology sectors. Ben's eye for design and user experience further strengthened our web pages, making them more engaging and intuitive for visitors.

By understanding the unique challenges and requirements of clients within these industries, he developed tailored content that effectively showcased Kelly Services' capabilities and value proposition. This approach resonated deeply with the target audience, resulting in increased engagement, longer page visits, and higher conversion rates.

In the heavily matrixed environment, Ben's collaborative approach to teamwork was vital. He fostered a cohesive work culture that encouraged cross-functional collaboration, facilitating the exchange of ideas and insights among team members from different departments. This approach not only streamlined processes but also led to the creation of comprehensive and cohesive marketing campaigns that successfully addressed the needs of diverse stakeholders.

Colleen Kirk
Product Owner, Digital Experiences
General Mills

Working with Ben has been a real pleasure. Ben managed a large group that had mostly only seen each other virtually. Ben made our team a cohesive one by being organized and having a great vision of where he wanted to take the knowledge community.

One of Ben's greatest accomplishments, in my opinion, was gathering greater help from the various areas that comprise the knowledge group. Having grassroots support has really bolstered the community. I look forward to working more with Ben in the future.

Dr. Steven Radwanski
Vice President & Executive Director
Stockton University

Ben is a skilled and experienced content strategist. He joined our Customer Experience team to lead the content strategy for our candidate attraction site, and made a positive impact.

Ben began by conducting a thorough analysis of the competition. He then collaborated with our Insights lead and the Research agency to understand our site's core communication pillars. This work helped him develop an insightful and actionable framework for the content strategy.

Ben then worked with four business units to help populate the content, tagging, etc. His work has enabled an improvement in the site's SEO and helped increase the number of qualified leads that we are generating.

Michelle Lobo
Vice President, Marketing
Kelly, P&G, Logitech, Colgate-Palmolive

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Ben is a transformational digital content strategist with deep expertise in SEO, CRO, content marketing, content architecture, taxonomies, UX, research, and brand positioning.

Ben drives growth and innovation through data-driven content strategies, competitive analysis, and AI-powered solutions and engagement. He is a proven leader in cross-functional teams, with exceptional client services and mentorship skills.

Ben is passionate about human-centered design, service design, design thinking, and collaborative solutions and is capable of operating in different business formats, including enterprises, small businesses, startups, and the public sector.

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