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Joining a team in the midst of a major digital transformation and being asked to tackle an already overdue content strategy is not an easy first assignment, but that’s exactly what Ben did.

Andrea Krohnberg

Global CCXP

Ben is one of the most skilled Digital Content Strategists I have worked with. His understanding of Content and its interconnection to Search(SEO) ranking factors is absolutely masterful.

Daniel Olsen

Director, Digital

Ben is an excellent marketing strategist. He understands the broader picture of positioning, go-to-market strategies, and how to develop and execute and overarching content & SEO strategy.

Andrew Martin

President, Bluerithm

Ben is wonderful to work with. As a designer, it is essential to have a great Content Strategist on your side…always willing to dive in and help, and great at coming up with changes or content on the fly. 

Leda DeWolf

Senior UI/UX Designer, Kelly Corp.

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Usability • Visibility • Performance • Engagement • Discoverability

Organic Digital Growth

Content Strategy

Align your digital content to deliver exceptional user experiences and drive meaningful business outcomes.

Competitive SEO

Unlock your online authority by understanding and optimizing your digital presence against industry competitors.

Content Marketing

Leverage strategic content to nurture leads, convert customers, and amplify your brand’s impact.

AI Content Strategy

Harness the power of AI to elevate your content strategy, boost development, and enhance audience engagement.

Content Management

Establish centralized systems for governing, maintaining, and maximizing the value of your digital content.

Content Production

Streamline your content workflows, ensure consistent quality, and increase audience engagement opporutnities.

Content Architecture

Establish a structured, strategic content ecosystem, driving seamless user experiences and operational excellence.

Information Architect

Elevate user experiences and discoverability by strategically organizing information across digital touchpoints.

Expert Copywriting

Audience and function-tailored copy: technical, creative, thought leadership, SEO, blog, CTA, UX, case study.

 B2B • Enterprise • B2C 





Audience-Centric Content

Develop content that deeply resonates with your target audience, driving engagement, conversions, and long-term loyalty.

Strategic Content Alignment

Ensure your digital content seamlessly supports your overarching business objectives and brand positioning.

Content Strategy

A comprehensive approach to planning, designing, creating, distributing, and optimizing all digital content assets to achieve defined business objectives.


Optimized Content Ecosystem

Establish a well-structured, sustainable content ecosystem that enhances user experiences, boosts visibility, and supports business growth.

Measurable Content Impact

Gain data-driven insights to continuously refine your content strategy and demonstrate the value of your digital content investments.

Competitive SEO

An in-depth analysis of your digital marketplace, competitors’ strategies, and implementation of technical, content, and channel-specific optimizations.

Data-Driven SEO

Leverage in-depth market and competitor intelligence to develop a tailored, agile SEO plan that delivers measurable, integrated long-term results. 

Sustained Search Dominance

Establish your brand as the industry authority through persistent search engine rankings and a robust organic presence through insight and flawless implementation on and off-site.

Competitive Edge Online

Outrank the competition and dominate your digital marketplace through a comprehensive SEO strategy.

Max Organic Visibility

Ensure your brand and content’s optimal online visibility and discoverability to attract high-intent, qualified traffic.

Targeted Lead Gen

Attract, nurture, and convert qualified leads through strategic, persona-driven content across multiple channels and segments.

Amplify Brand Awareness

Elevate your brand’s visibility, credibility, and thought leadership through the power of compelling content.

Content Marketing

A strategic framework for leveraging compelling content across multiple channels to attract, engage, and convert qualified leads.

Optimized Content Funnels

Implement a nuanced and segmented data-driven content marketing strategy that seamlessly guides prospects through the buyer’s journey using audience-preferred channels.

Measurable Content ROI

Demonstrate the tangible business impact of your content marketing efforts through advanced analytics and reporting framed by realistic, tangible objectives.

AI Content Strategy

A forward-thinking approach that harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to elevate your research, production, performance, and personalization.

Interactive Knowledge Base

Deploy a “deep content” approach to your website and opportunities for search-free interactions using AI chatbots that give users immediate and direct access to what they need.

Standardize Workflows

Empower your team to create high-quality, on-brand content faster and more efficiently through AI-driven tools, templates, and processes.

AI-Powered Advantage

Leverage cutting-edge AI technologies to enhance every stage of your content strategy and maximize impact.

Scalable Personalization

Deliver hyper-relevant and hyper-personalized content experiences tailored to individual user preferences and behaviors.

Content Governance

Establish a structured, scalable approach to managing, maintaining, and distributing your organization’s digital content assets.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline your content workflows and eliminate silos to enhance productivity, collaboration, and content quality.

Content Management

A centralized system and blend of technology and processes for governing, maintaining, and scaling an organization’s digital content assets.

Scalable Operations

Implement, migrate to, or oversee content management system and processes to support the growth and evolution of your digital content ecosystem.

Consistent Experiences

Through centralized content governance and guidelines, ensure a cohesive, on-brand digital experience for your customers (and personnel).

Content Production

A deliberate and streamlined workflow encompassing content ideation, creation, review, and publication to ensure consistent, high-quality output.

Scalable Capacity

Expand, integrate, and maximize your content production capabilities to support the growing needs and value of your digital ecosystem and content creators.

Elevated Performance

Consistently create compelling, high-performing, audience-aligned content that engages your target audience and drives desired business outcomes.

Streamlined Workflows

Implement efficient, collaborative content production processes to deliver high-quality, on-brand content consistently.

Quality Assurance

Maintain the integrity and brand alignment of your content through comprehensive review, editing, and publishing processes.

Optimized Ecosystem

Implement a strategically structured content architecture that enhances discoverability, usability, and overall user experience.

Scalable Operations

Establish a solid foundation for content governance and workflows, enabling efficient, sustainable content growth and management.

Content Architecture

A comprehensive approach to structuring, organizing, and governing your digital content assets to enable scalable, sustainable content operations and exceptional user experiences.

Seamless Experiences

Deliver intuitive, frictionless digital experiences through strategic content organization, navigation, and tactical content layouts.

Collaborative Excellence

Foster a culture of collaboration and content excellence by establishing clear content governance, roles, and scalable processes.

Information Architect – UX

A user-centric approach to organizing and structuring digital content, leveraging UX research insights and design thinking to create intuitive, navigable experiences that drive engagement and satisfaction.


Optimized User Experiences

Deliver frictionless, satisfying digital experiences by strategically organizing and presenting content based on user research, testing, touchpoint analysis, journey maps, etc.

Collaborative UX Excellence

Foster cross-functional collaboration among UX researchers, designers, and content teams to create cohesive, user-centric information architectures that drive engagement and conversions.

User-Centric Design

Leverage UX research insights to create information architectures that align with user expectations, behaviors, and needs.

Enhanced Discoverability

Implement intuitive categorization and labeling systems that make content easy to find, understand, and navigate.

Audience-Tailored Copy

Develop copy that deeply resonates with your target audience, elevating engagement, conversions, and brand affinity across all digital channels.

Channel Alignment

Leverage channel and audience-optimized content, from campaigns to blogs to microcopy, with expertise and insight.

Expert Copywriting

Compelling, conversion-focused content and architecture, from blogs and technical assets to high-impact CTAs and brand-elevating thought leadership.

Context is King

Copywriting content based on a deep understanding of the audience content touchpoints, journey, and needs delivers better results and engagement. EEAT demands a context-first approach.

Increased Opportunity

Strategically designed, written, and delivered content increases the opportunities for your target audience to discover and interact with your content and products or services. 

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